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Tree Pruning Service in Richmond, Va & Surrounding

If there are branches or parts of a tree(s) hanging over a structure or encroaching on your neighbor’s property we can take care of that for you with our tree pruning services.

Reasons for Tree Pruning Include:

  • removal of deadwood, damaged or diseased sections,
  • increase safety of property and surrounding homes,
  • clear utility lines and meet requirements of city codes,
  • removal of obstructive limbs,
  • insurance requirement compliance,
  • increase sunlight for turf and improve overall aesthetics of your yard

Three Stages of Proper Tree Pruning

Stage One: Crown Cleaning

Crown Cleaning includes the removal of dead and damaged branches, hazardous branches that rub or are weakly connected, and removal of diseases such as Mistletoe.

Stage Two: Crown Thinning

Crown Thinning removes selected suckers and branches through the interior of the tree. We also remove selected branches in crowded parts of the canopy, creating a lacier effect. This allows for increased air movement and light penetration that benefits the tree by reducing disease, molds and fungi.

Stage Three: Crown Raising

This is the final step in the tree pruning process. We remove downward-growing limbs and reduce overall weight on limbs. We never remove major limbs unless previously discussed with the client, allowing us to preserve the overall characteristics of each tree. If we see limbs that are growing into structures or need to be removed for other reasons, we discuss this with the client before removal begins.

Our Tree Pruning Services Include:

Limbs that are six inches in diameter or less are included in the general pruning price unless otherwise discussed. If necessary, harnesses and safety equipment will be used to lower large, detached branches safely.

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