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Driveway Gravel Richmond Va

Driveway Gravel Delivery

Looking for driveway gravel Richmond Va?

White Oak delivers driveway gravel in Richmond and surrounding  areas. Our customers appreciate our competitive pricing. If desired we will spread the gravel where you need it. We also provide grading services if needed.

Driveway Gravel Installation

A gravel driveway can create an amazing entry to your home or property.  There are many different types of gravel that can and should be used for a gravel driveway.  Here are a few key points on the type, shape and size of gravel that should be used in your driveway.  No matter what type of stone gravel you choose, make sure that the stones have an angular shape.  This type of gravel is machine-crushed.  Angular stones will lock together, reducing the movement caused by the weight of passing vehicles.  Although they are attractive, rounded “river stones” will quickly slide out of place.  They look great in landscapes and gardens, but this isn’t the place for these great stones.

You’ll need several types of gravel for driveway construction that will last.  #3 stones are about the size of a baseball/softball.  These stones will create a solid foundation for your gravel driveway.  The second layer of your driveway should contain golf ball sized stones, called #57 stones.  The final layer of your gravel driveway should contain stones a bit larger than a thumbnail.  You’ll need “traffic bound” or “dense grade” stones.  This type of gravel has stone dust mixed in and forms a hard, cement-like surface as it settles with time.

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