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Driveway Paving in Richmond and Surrounding

No matter what type of driveway surface you are looking for, here at White Oak we install all types of driveways; including aggregate, concreteasphalt and gravel. Also, ask us about surfaces for tennis and basketball courts. We help you consider style and functionality as well as cosmetic curb appeal.

Driveway Paving, Safety First

For a long lasting, good looking driveway, prepping the area appropriately is key. To ensure safety, we take care of contacting Miss Utility to have the underground utilities located before the project is started.

Grading is essential in ensuring Positive Drainage is achieved. We make sure that there will be no ponding, puddling, or pooling of water where your desired surface will be installed. Once the surface is finished, we also offer seal coating services to keep your driveway surface looking as good as the day it was originally done.

We assist in helping you fulfill your vision by staying within the project budget and timeframe.